Crushing the NL20, one bet at a time

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03/10/2009, 23:40
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Following a friend’s advice, I stopped multi-tabling 4 or 6 tables. I play only two tables and try to understand why I’m doing what I do.

It changed my game dramatically, I’m almost twice as aggressive. I’m playing 36/26/2.6 over 5.000 hands.


I would probably go broke within minutes playing like this at higher stakes, but I won’t tightened my game just for the sake of it. So let see how long it can work…


03/10/2009, 23:32
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I want to win 400 euros (20 buy-ins) from now on. My bankroll would then be 800 euros, enough for NL40euros, approximately enough for NL50$ .

At that point I will probably stop playing poker so much. Just playing tournaments over the weekend or something.

I want to become good enough to beat the micro-stakes. It sounds ridiculous ? Well nevermind, at least I’m not broke. Yet.

I will post hands and keep track of my progress here.

03/10/2009, 23:18
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I know the rules of Poker for two years and I’ve been playing poker regularly for a year and half.

A year ago I realised that I was winning a bit of money playing tournaments but that I was losing it playing cashgames. So I focused on tournaments for a while.

I resumed playing cashgames in September 2008 after reading the Harrington books. I lost some the first month, then broke even the second. Won a little the third and the fourth.

In January I had a lot of free time and decided to play really seriously the whole month, starting in NL10 and hopefully grinding my way up.

It started well, but i eventually broke even over 25k hands 😦

Thanks to the rakeback I moved up to NL20 mid february with a 15 buy-ins bankroll.

The NL20 is going well so far and I’m not under-rolled anymore : i have the recommended 20 buy-ins.

Here are my graphs for 2009


I could only deposit 170 euros, so i had to win 30 euros in NL5 before moving up to NL10.



The break-even nightmare.



Going well so far.